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Angeline Yee

Passionate in people development and an advocate in Positive Mindset through Words, Angeline is favoured with more than 18 years of coaching experience. As the RTT™ Pioneer Practitioner in Asia Pacific since 2016, she is blessed with international clients ranging from age 6 to 76, in 13 countries over 4 continents – Asia, North America, South America and Europe, addressing mental, emotional and negative behavioural issues.








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“I know her very well because she spoke together with me in South Africa to 1800 people. It is rated as 1 of the top 3 best speeches and her strategies to start the first business to grow a business is bolted on, but more importantly she gives you the accountability and the mindset. And that’s what people don’t understand – your mind is stronger than your excuses. Your business cannot afford not to talk to Angeline and I do business all over the world and she’s the person that you need to contact to. Your business will thank me once you talk to Angeline because it will never be the same.”

JT Foxx

JT Foxx

World #1 Wealth Coach

“I was trying to think of 1 word that really defines Angeline and her expertise. I couldn’t. The truth is she is great at so many things. One of the first things that comes to mind is result. Specifically, she helps produce results for her clients. She is one of the best coaches I’ve come across and is a phenomenal listener. She is truly a “giver”. She can connect with anyone! If you need a coach or someone to help guide you through different stages of life, Angeline should be your first choice!.”


Bert Seither

CEO The Startup Expert

“Ever since we found out our son was in depression, we have looked for many methods and have seen a lot of professionals and even letting him taking medications… Unfortunately, none of those helped, until the day our son met Angeline! (Feeling grateful!) With only after a session of her treatment, she has identified the root causes, and she has also helped to ‘reverse’ them. After the treatment, we noticed our son has become more relaxed. He even smiled! For the 1st time after he was suffering from insomnia, our son slept through the night til the next day afternoon! We noticed that our son has become more initiative in doing things and has improved his conditions. Greatly appreciated!.”


K Ping Tee



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